Carrying Corban

The First Laugh

I am supposed to wear glasses all the time. I have a slight astigmatism that makes me unintentionally squint and leaves me with a pretty terrible headache at the end of the day. I see just as clearly without them,... Continue Reading →


Corban’s Dad

Today, we had our taxes filed. The guy who filed for us was pleasant and meant no harm, but was a bit boorish and more than a little sexist. He spoke almost exclusively to Morgan, even when I was the one answering.... Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

With horrifying regularity, life goes on. It's a lesson I have learned before, but never with this kind of pain or desperation. My entire existence is somehow still trapped at 11:46am on Thursday, January 19th but everyone else goes on. No... Continue Reading →

Corban Josiah

When I was little, our homeschooling morning would always start with a half hour during which we read our Bibles and journaled. My mom always encouraged us to ask hard questions and not take our faith at face value. We... Continue Reading →

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